6 Steps to Control Air pollution in Delhi

Air Pollution

Air pollution in Delhi is taking a serious turn. If proper steps are not taken in time, the whole thing may become out of control. With the onset of winter, it seems that the pollution level will increase to a great extent. Everywhere you will get to see fog for a long period in the day. Rather the whole day will be covered with fog. Although every step is being taken to control air pollution but people need to be much cautious and alert. They must take the initiative to bring the matter under control.

Steps to Control Air Pollution in Delhi

Air PollutionIn this part, you will come across some steps that can help to bring the pollution under control to some extent. Everything is not in our hand, still, we can extend our hands to bring the matter under control. Let us discuss the essential points.

#1 Use of air purifiers:

As Suggested by IamDeepa Review, it is best if you try using the Best Air Purifier to keep the air pure as much as possible. You will get several such ones in the market. However, try to buy the reputed ones as it will be effective.

#2 Proper watch on air pollution control:

All the Government agencies and bodies should take the initiative to keep proper watch and measures in controlling air pollution. If all the agencies work together, the whole thing will be under control within a less time. strict actions must be taken against the people who violate the Government laws and regulations.

#3 Poor dust and smoke control system:

The pollution control board should also take proper steps against smoke and dust pollution. No one should be allowed to burn the sewage or the waste in front of the road. This will make the air much polluted and infectious.

#4 Control over industrial pollution:

Perhaps all the industries must look into the matter of industrial pollution. It is great if the industries are moved away from the city and placed on the outer part. This will prevent the city from getting polluted. Even the industrial wastes must be dispatched in the best possible manner. A committee should be formed who must look after this matter. Strict actions must be taken against the body or organization that violates the industrial pollution laws.

#5 Control over public transport:

Proper steps must be taken against the public transport. It must be seen that they are not emitting much harmful gases and smokes. The vehicles should check their pollution level as early as possible. A good percentage of pollution is done by the public transports. This is harmful for the people.

#6 Establishment of quick response team:

Although a lot of bodies are working to bring pollution under control but there must be a quick response team who must be prompt in this work. They must take every step to bring the pollution under control as and when required.

Thus, with these steps it is easier to lower the rate of air pollution. It should be adopted promptly for the benefit of the masses.

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