Webel Mediatronics Limited, A Govt of West Bengal Undertaking, A System house of Electronics, Communication and Information Technology

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Research and Development

Webel Mediatronics Limited has an in-house Research and Development unit since 1998. WML has commercialized a number of indigenously developed technologies obtained from AIR R&D, CDAC etc. WML in-house R&D unit is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India.

Click here to view the Renewal of Recognition of our In-House R&D Unit.

A Picture of Electronics R&D depertment

The development unit has also completed several in house projects in the field of hardware, firmware and software. Some in-house developed products are Sound Level Meter, 8Ch Mono Audio Mixing Console, Audio multi-burst generator & Audio Delay unit etc.

In the field of Systems for Disabled WML has developed  assistive devices like Automatic Braille Embosser, Braille Keyboard and Tactile Reader for the visually impaired. We have also developed a Voice Output Device for use by the people affected by Cerebral Palsy. Software packages have been developed for Braille transcription in 13 major Indian languages, text to speech in Bengali, text to sign language etc.

Picture of R&D Unit


Our Software development team has experience in programming in VB, VC+ +, C, C++, SDK, COM, DCOM, SQL, VBScript, ASP, Unicode editor development, Language software development in Indian languages, image analysis, movie analysis, gesture recognition, multimedia content creation etc.


The company has executed several R&D projects sponsored by MCIT, GoI; MSJE, GoI; Media Lab Asia; VECC; DITE, Govt of West Bengal etc.


List of R&D Projects :

Sl No Name of Projects Sponsored By
1 Information Technology for Braille Literacy in Indian Languages Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
2 Development of Internet Access and Rehabilitation Tools for visually impaired Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
3 Icon Based education and communication system for the people affected with cerebral palsy in Nepali Language Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
4 Information Technology based education and training for people affected with Autism. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India
5 Development multimedia CD to support activity based nursery rhymes book: Bagher Chakri Media Lab Asia 
6 Software for automatic conversion of Bengali text to Sign Language Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre
7 Development of a system for conversion of sign language to text and augmentation of software for automatic conversion of text to sign language Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre
8 RFID Based key management system Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre
9 Development of 40 character Braille Display - Tactile Reader Department of Information Technology & Electronics, Govt. of West Bengal
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