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Webel Mediatronics and ICEVI Mathematics Transcription Software


  • Easy and User-Friendly interface to input Mathematical Symbols.

  • Single mouse click operation to convert text to Braille.

  • Mathematical symbols to Braille codes as per Nemeth Braille standard and English as per literary Braille.

  • Braille file can also be edited in Six Key Mode, saved and re-opened.

  • Content of the Braille file can be embossed using Windows 2000 / XP compatible standard Braille Embossers.

  • WIMATS will help teachers / transcribers / students in preparing Math book in Nemeth Braille code thus helping in Math education. The application is affordable and very user friendly.



WIMATS is an application software to transcribe Mathematical and Scientific Text into Braille as per Nemeth Braille standard.

The application helps in publishing Mathematics and Scientific books in Braille for the education of Visually Impaired students.


Minimum Requirement

Hardware: Pentium Processor or equivalent, 128MB RAM, 200MB free disk space, CD-ROM, Colour Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse

   Operating System: Windows 2000 and XP


WIMATS will make a difference in Mathematics education for children with visual impairment.

WIMATS provides a user-friendly text editor for typing Mathematical / Scientific text. Input text matter can be converted into corresponding Braille code following English Literary Braille standard for English  language part and following Nemeth standard for mathematics and scientific symbols of the input text material. Output can be taken in the form of embossed Braille pages using standard Windows compatible Braille embossers.

           Screen shot of WIMATS window

Supports input of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Vector, Set notations and Greek alphabets.

    Fraction Group                                                            Set Group

   Mathematics Tool Bar

    geometrical Shapes Group                                                      Integrals Group

                                   Arrows Group          Inequalities Group

For more information please write to:

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Developed Jointly By:  

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Webel Mediatronics Limited
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Fax +91 33 2401 4081
E mail:

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International Council for Education
of People with Visual Impairment

    3, Professors Colony,  Jothipuram,

       Coimbatore - 641047 INDIA



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