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First Blind Mountaineer Of The World330

A 64-year-old American became the oldest person to scale Mount Everest on 25th May, 2001, while a visually impaired mountaineer also conquered the world's highest peak in another first...(click for more)

Picture Of First Blind Mountaineer Of The World

From History Pages- Blind Education in 19th Century India

In the years 1838-1839, a group of blind orphans in Calcutta were the first in South Asian history to be educated in a formal system... (click for more)


Eye Witness - WHO Factsheets

  • CATARACT accounts for approximately 16 million cases of blindness worldwide. In most countries of Africa and Asia, it accounts for approximately half of all blindness.
  • By 2020, there will be some 1.2 billion people aged 60 years and over in the world with three-quarters living in developing countries.

  • Cataract, trachoma and glaucoma together account for more than 70 % of the world's blindness. In India the three diseases account for about 74% of those who are blind