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Click to find Welfare Policies of Government of India
Government of India and other States Government have a well-known policy to help the physically handicapped to equip themselves educationally to be employable and has made job reservations in almost all Governmentdepartments. Additionally, concessions in Air and Rail fairs, relaxation in Income tax incidence, reservation of seats in public transport have been granted for the handicapped. Action is also being taken to make changes in building laws to make public places easily accessible to all handicapped persons . Click here...

Click on the following links to find Welfare Policies of respective State government
  Govt. of West Bengal Govt. of Kerala
  Govt. of Andhra Pradesh Govt. of Madhya Pradesh 
  Govt. of Bihar Govt. of Maharashtra
  Govt. of Delhi Govt. of Manipur
  Govt. of Goa Govt. of Orissa
  Govt. of Gujarat Govt. of Nagaland
  Govt. of Haryana Govt. of Rajasthan
Govt. of Himachal Pradesh Govt. of Sikkim
Govt. of Punjab Govt. of Tamil Nadu
Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir Govt. of Tripura
Govt. of Karnataka Govt. of Uttar Pradesh