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Automatic Braille Embosser (BPRT)
  • The Automatic Braille Embosser is  Perkins Brailler modified suitably to accept Computer Command and emboss automatically. The Embosser has been automated for paper feeding and carriage motion. The Embosser also can print inter line for both side printing and has test mode facility for self-diagnosis.

  • Four  numbers of Embossers can be connected to the same computer and parallel printing can be done for fast replication.
  • Ideally suited for Institutes for the visually impaired  to meet regular demands of Braille Books.
  • The Indian Language texts can be prepared using iLeap software and English texts through MS Word or Notepad. Braille Transcription Software developed by Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and Webel Mediatronics Limited converts the texts to corresponding Braille and print can be taken through the Automatic Braille Embosser.
  • Webel Mediatronics Limited received National Award for developing this Automatic Braille Embosser in year 2000 from Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India.
Automatic Braille Embosser
Front side view of Automatic Braille Embosser
Side view of Automatic Braille Embosser
Another side view of Automatic Braille Embosser
Back side view of Automatic Braille Embosser
Technical Specification

    Mode : Paper loading, Testing and Printing (2 modes)

    Print format (Programmable ) : 30 lines/page; & 36 Character per line. Left margin set automatic

    Line and Paper feed : Stepper motor driven

    Parallel operation : 4 printers

    Power : 230 V, 50Hz 1ph AC, 200 watts (app)

    Accessories : RS232 Cable - 1 meter.,  Power Cable - 2 meters.