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BrailleWriter Software & Braille KeyBoard

The Braille Keyboard can be connected to RS232 Serial Port and it allows direct entry in Braille codes. Eight dedicated Braille keyboards can be connected to one PC and operated simultaneously. Sixteen keys, which are ergonomically arranged, are most convenient for the visually handicapped users. There is user-friendly audio support for every key pressed. The device is very light in weight: 1 KG (approx). This Micro controller based designed device has built in serial RS 232 interface to computer and speaker with provision for headphone.

Picture of Braille Key Board

The System offers both single user and multiple user mode. Audio feedback enables visually impaired user to run the software independently.

BrailleWriter application software along with dedicated Braille KeyBoard (BKB-10) provides user friendly computerized environment for Braille file handling, Braille to Text conversion, Braille printing as well as ink printing option by visually impaired person.


Salient Features

  • State of the art Windows based Software .

  • Supports operation up to eight Braille Keyboard terminals in parallel simultaneously.

  • Allows direct entry in Braille codes, with audio support.

  • Braille and Text printing by the blind.

  • Braille to Text conversion in English & Indian Languages.

  • Only sixteen keys for full scale operation.

E-Classroom System

Picture Of E-Classroom

The classroom can be made interactive by the use of Braille keyboard with audio support and software. Each individual student in the classroom can be given a Braille keyboard (8 Braille Keyboards can be connected with a single workstation) and while writing the students using Braille keyboard, the teacher can monitor the Braille file (as well as the converted text) of each student at a glance on a single monitor. Thus monitoring the performance in a test has been made easier using E-Classroom environment.