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Welcome, Braille Resource Archive at www.braille-aids.in

      This is an archive of Braille books. Here you can find books in major Indian languages. The books are in Braille format. You can download the books on your computer. After download you can take print through Modified Perkins Brailler or Index Brailler after opening those books in Text To Braille application software. You can also read those books using Tactile Reader.


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 Oriya Assamese  Sanskrit Gujarati
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 Download Rabindra Rachanabali (Bengali) In Braille:          Click Here To Download Rabindra Rachanabali

  Content created under Media Lab Asia sponsored project:   Click Here To Download Rabindra Rachanabali


1. Download the zip file on your computer.
Unzip the downloaded file.
3. Get the
.brli file.
4. Open the .brli file with WML
TextBraille application.
Emboss the .brli file with WML Modified Perkins Brailler (BPRT10) or Index Brailler.
6. For any further requirement please contact

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