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Step By Step

                               - Multimedia based teaching aid application for autistic children

Autism is a developmental disability that prevents individuals from properly understanding what they see, hear and otherwise sense. This results in serve problems of social relationships, communication and behavior. Webel Mediatronics Limited has developed a software for them who are suffering from Autism. Features are listed below.

Image form of Brochure of Autism software telling the pupose of the software

 Purpose of the software:

  • To teach cognitive and expressive skills.

  • Special educator's or therapist's aid.

  • To provide cognitive / expressive exercise / drills.

 Features of the software:

  • Information Technology based Teaching and Learning Aid for Autistic Children.

  • Multimedia based Language Learning Content.

  • Picture Matching, Respective Vocabulary and Step by Step learning.

  • Text and Audio in Indian languages.

  • Currently available in English, Hindi and Bengali.

  • The software is also useful to hearing impaired children.                                           


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