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Fire Detection and Alarm System


- Protect Life and Property

Webel Mediatronics Limited offers state of the art Fire Detection and Alarm System of Schrack Seconet, Austria. The solution is based on  microprocessor-controlled detectors, devices and alarm panels and IP communication system.  The modular fire alarm control panels are equipped with 100% hot redundancy system to ensure round the clock availability. Each control panel forms an unit with its own power supply and battery back up  for the detectors and  devices  connected in loops. The control panels can communicate among them through  existing Ethernet network or standard interfaces like RS485. The panel can record history of 65000 events. The panels are based on 32 bit microprocessor.

Multi-criteria Detectors combine scattered light smoke detector and temperature detector for early detection of smouldering or open fires with or without smoke formation. The detector can be programmed and used depending on the type of system and depending on the area as a smoke detector, as a temperature detector or as a combined detector.

This is software addressable / configurable system. The detectors have integrated short circuit isolator, filters to reduce deceptive alarms, intelligent adjustment of its sensitivity and environmental influences. Operating temp is    -20 to +60 deg C.

The complete system includes the main panel, repeater panels, cable loops, manual call points, sounders and flashing lights, monitor input and relay output modules, special detectors like aspiration system and linear heat screen cable and different standard enclosures for hazardous area applications. Loop length can be upto 3500m, max 250 detectors/devices per loop, upto 16 loops per panel. Software installed in any computer, connected to the panels via LAN, provides graphical interface and the same visual screen as in the panel fascia. There are interface modules to send SMS  / audio alerts to phones.

The system is VdS approved                                                                         Download Brochure :

                                                                                                                                      Integral IP and family overview                                                                                                                                       Integral IP BX                                                                                                                           HeatScreen MHD535

For more information please contact :

Sri S. J. Dutta (Manager Systems) -  Ph: 033-2401 4440, 09830602940,  email:   

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